Lose complexity. Gain peace of mind.

Implement a plan for your business that gives you a legacy of leaders and the confidence things will get done.

You don’t have enough time in the day

Despite the hours you invest everyday, your day is full of reacting and putting out fires — nothing seems focused and planned. You’re exhausted trying to rally your people and your process works minimally, at best. 

You fear your company will stop growing and there’s no one to turn to. You’re on an island and looking for help.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

Build a powerful leadership team

Gain Confidence

Operate with clarity, consistency and accountability

Take Control

Get everyone in your organization100% on the same page

Realize your Vision

Implement a process & inspire focus,leadership and success

I get it

“After working too many hours, going home frustrated, and doing the same thing all over the next day, I finally put my foot down. I knew running a small business didn’t have to be so challenging or difficult.

I learned if I could run my business on an operating system that provided clarity, consistency, and accountability, I’d avoid the same frustrations I encountered for years.

So for the past 20 years, I’ve helped over 100 leadership teams build successful businesses by implementing systems and tools that help them gain confidence, take control, and realize their vision.

Duane Marshall, OwnerSummit 212

Your Take Control Plan


Set your vision


Create the plan


Gain peace of mind

Proud to serve these companies

Get control (and your days) back.

You want a successful business but you’re getting little done in spite of the time you invest. Complexity leaves everyone running in circles with no clarity, goals or direction. You wonder why your competitors are growing and you’re not. Building a successful business shouldn’t be so hard.

I work with entrepreneurs to implement a system founded on time-tested methods and principals,
not business management theories.

● Get everyone 100% on the same page
● Instill focus, discipline and accountability
● Become a high-performing, cohesive team
● Execute on your vision
● Build a great organization

Prepare for your business to soar

Simply reacting to day-to-day business needs and issues with no structure in place leaves many owners struggling with the wrong people and broken processes. 

Learn 3 characteristics entrepreneurs leverage to build a legacy of leaders, be confident things will get done and gain confidence to step away from the business to enjoy other activities.

For Visionaries and Leadership Teams

The Path to the Pinnacle: Using Customized Business Operating Systems to Drive Growth

For Teams who are implementing Pinnacle

Enjoy the Climb: A Simple and Complete Guide To The Pinnacle Business Operating System

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